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Blockchain is the technology where transaction data and other records are stored in the form of blocks  and those blocks are linked with each other using cryptography so  it is the reason that this technology is referred as Block Chain

Block Chain is trending in financial transactions right now due its transparency, secured and fast transaction process. To understand blockchain technology, we need to understand general transactions which are normally followed currently. In order to validate  each financial transaction  between payment sender and receiver  governments, banks,  credit companies or  payment wallets  acts as intermediataries between payment  sender and receiver  however these intermediataries are not trustworthy because they capture the data of both the sender and receiver ,  banks charge  high transaction fee ,  transaction copy are  private and this transaction takes much time due to the involvement of intermediataries . So in order to overcome all this drawbacks, there is a need of new technology and block chain is the solution for all this drawbacks.

Block Chain is a distributed public ledger where everyone on the network has a transaction copy   no single person can alter the transaction copy because it can easily recognized by other people in the network so that is the reason it reduces risk of corruption.  Data stored on the blocks are completely encrypted in the form of hash codes and they are secured and unhackable .  The transaction details cannot be erased and altered once it is is stored in the blocks and there is no involvement of intermediataires transaction fee in Blockchain is very less compared to bank transaction fee, transactions take very less time to get processed compared to bank transactions.

Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin, Enterum , Ripple and etc are used  for transactions for Block Chain platform because it  has features such as distributed public ledger, encryption and proof of work . These crypto currencies has no central excise authority there are not controlled by any bank and government and their value will be increased and decreased based on demand and availability and  that is why crypto currencies are preferred in block chain transactions  however block  chain can survive without crypto currencies too it can be used in any transactions where some value has been exchanged in a network.

Coming to the  Future of  Block Chain technology it is a trending and evolving technology  many multinational companies  and  banks are  experimenting Block Chain technology has pilot projects and they are completely in favour of Block Chain technology . JP Morgan and Bank of America are the two organizations which saved in millions using   Blockchain technology for transactions it saves the transaction process time,   gives transparency time , reduces human error  in transaction process. So many other companies worldwide are in favour of this Block Chain technology and there  is a need of block chain professionals , developers and administrators  for  using block chain technology . So keeping in mind many software training institutes are offering Block Chain courses on different modules both in offline and online mode.

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