Microsoft Azure Online Training

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Microsoft Azure is one the popular cloud computing platform released in 2010 as Windows Azure, then it was rebranded as Microsoft Azure in the year 2014.. It offers many cloud computing services such as platform as a service (PAAS) , infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and software as a service (SAAS)Microsoft Azure is used by many organizations, mainly for data backups and disaster recovery. It has data centers located worldwide to ensure availability. Microsoft Azure offers more than 600 cloud services and it supports all the programming languages and frameworks this is reason many organizations prefer Microsoft Azure and it is giving tough competition to other cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Platform. . Considering this many online platforms are offering Microsoft Azure online training programs for IT Job aspirants and students who are looking for career in Microsoft Azure. However they do not know right platform for Microsoft Azure online training they need to consider few factors before choosing an online course.

They are:
1) Faculty and their experience
2) Online Support
3)Course Content
4) Placement assistance
5) Certification

Trainingspoint also offers Microsoft Azure online training for the students and working professionals the course content of the Trainingspoint Microsoft Azure online training is so unique when compared to other cloud computing online courses available on the web we have expert trainers who have wide experience on Microsoft Azure platform.we also offer live project on Microsoft Azure and we offer online certification for the students who complete Microsoft Azure online training successfully. We have an excellent support team which help the students in clarifying their doubts that may be regarding course or any other technical issues. So register for the Trainingspoint Microsoft Azure online training demo and compare with other Microsoft Azure Online training programs on the web and choose the best for online program for your right future.