Course Content

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Introducing Power BI

• Explain Power BI Desktop
• Power BI Desktop – Installation
• Data Sources and Connections
• Connect to Data In Power BI Desktop
• Creating Datasets from Data Models and Data Files
• Getting Started with Power BI
• Using Quick Insights to Explore a Dataset
• Viewing Reports
• Exploring a Dashboard
• History of Power BI

Getting Data

• Databases
• Files
• Web and Other Sources
• Azure and Software as a Service
• Manual Entry

Transforming Data

• Query Editor in Power BI
• Renaming Queries
• Combining Queries: Append
• Fixing Metadata
• Filtering Rows
• Eliminating Columns
• Combining Queries: Merge
• Adding a Column

Modeling Data for Analysis

• Creating Relationships
• Defining New Columns
• Performing a Look up to a Related Table
• Translating a Value

Enhancing the Data Model

• Defining Hierarchies
• Configuring Properties
• Defining New Measures

Data Visualization

• Reports in Power BI
• Adding Visuals (Charts, Maps etc)
• Filtering
• Slicer Filtering
• Setting Properties
• Drilling Within a Hierarchy
• Custom Visualization in Power BI
• R Visuals in Power BI

Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights

• Power BI Q&A
• Dashboard
• Dashboard vs Reports
• Creating a Dashboard
• Dashboard Tiles
• Pinning Tiles
• Quick Insights with Power BI

Refreshing Data

• Refreshing Data
• Publishing Datasets
• Refreshing Imported Data

Power BI Integration and Administration

• Data Gateways – Personal and Enterprise
• Content packs
• Power BI Report Server